Conquer new Heights

Maximise your flights, no risks, no limits.
The perfect software to fly safely and be more competitive

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Prepare your Flights

Plan your flight route and see the obstacles before you go out.

Simulate 3D Maps

Use it as a reference to see the obstacles of the ground you are going to fly over.

Ready for the Competition

Transfer the waypoints for your flight to your GPS.

Software for flying enthusiasts

From the skies to your computer and back up again

When you are back on the ground, get a visual summary of your flight with data pages and graphs. Check over 120 data fields to evaluate your performance and relive each adventure without limits.

Analyse your flight in detail with incredibly useful information: flight hours, gliding, speeds, altitudes and more.

For a more detailed and advanced analysis, Air will automatically divide your flights into thermals and transitions.

All your data in the GO Cloud

With the new GO Cloud, sync your flights on every device to have them available at any time. All your stats stored in a safe and reliable place.

Available for Windows and Mac

This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1.